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     FORWARD PLASTIC FACTORY LIMITED was established in Hong Kong in July 1978, and engaged in the production of injection molding products. Fuhua 1991 transfer of Hong Kong's machinery and equipment to China, three to fill a processing enterprises in Longgang District, Shenzhen Shan Ha luxury products factory "opened in Shenzhen Pinghu, Fuhua wholly owned investment in February 2006 Shenzhen Pinghu set up Fuhuade plastic Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd..

     FORWARD PLASTIC (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. covers a total area of approximately eleven thousand five hundred square meters, has a staff of five hundred men, production equipment, advanced production technology. Injection workshop from 90T to 470T models of injection molding machines, assembly shop has more than 60 units have 8 assembly PULL bronzing machine, printing machine, ultrasonic welding machine and other assembly equipment. The company is mainly engaged in the production of plastic kitchenware and plastic hangers. Service brand: Target, Sears, OXO, Macys, Costco, Mainetti, Spotless, etc..

independent Company mold workshop, covering an area of three thousand five hundred square meters, configure Talee vertical machining center (CNC) Hexagon coordinate measuring machines, of Agie Charmilles precision CNC spark machine, milling machine horizontal spindle and reciprocating table surface grinder, lathe, drill press, spark machine, Aohua laser mold welding machines and other equipment. Mold workshop: plastic mold design, processing and manufacture of precision injection molding and manufacturing, as well as other ancillary processing services, plastic mold cover daily necessities, household appliances, auto parts, kitchen utensils and other products. The Fuhua molds in addition to meet the production needs of the Company, and also sets the mold export sales to Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea and other regions. The main service brands: Philips, Braun, Magna International Inc, Mainetti, Spotless, etc..

     Forward Plastic (Shenzhen) Co, Ltd, by applying the ISO9001-2008 in the business, implementation of ERP system, and combine with the utilization of computer devices on product development, we enforce the rapidly growth of the production and management. With the strong development and production teams, we ensure customers’successful product development, mold making, sample production and production orders.
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TEL:(0755)84695281   FAX:(0755)84695282  ADD:Block19,ShanKen industrial Area,strict,Shenzhen,China  
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